by on Nov 25, 2013

Microsoft listening to Xbox One user complaints

Microsoft is listening to Xbox One user feedback and passing on suggestions to improve the console’s UI to the appropriate Xbox teams, Xbox Live’s director of programming Larry Hryb has said.

Multiple threads popped up on Reddit over the weekend from Xbox fans voicing their concerns over particular functionality and requesting changes to the Xbox One interface., an entire website dedicated to discussing changes that users would like to see implemented, has also been set up, to which Hryb says he has passed on to the relevant team at Microsoft.

Some of the major complaints seem to be linked to functionality present in Xbox 360 but absent from Xbox One, such as the lack of online friend notifications, the inability to send voice messages or view recent players, and an overcomplicated party/game invite system.

Players are also unhappy about the lack of a visual indicator for the Xbox One controller’s remaining battery level, the inability to manually manage storage space, and the removal of the Xbox Guide.

“I am watching this thread and sharing it back to the right people,” said Hyrb in response to a thread titled ‘Party chats, and game invites are… Awful’.

“I’ve sent this thread over the right folks,” he later added. “If/when I hear something I’ll share it.”

Xbox One launched in thirteen territories across the globe last Friday, going on to sell over 1 million units within its first 24 hours on sale.