Microsoft Gift Cards will roll out in £10, £15, £25 and £50 values, according to listings by Amazon UK.

The Gift Cards are set to replace Microsoft Points as the form of currency used on the Xbox Games Store, but appear to be tiered towards the more expensive options currently available.

Xbox users were previously able to purchase Microsoft Points from retailers in 240 (£1.99), 400 (£3.50), 800 (£6.99), 1200 (£9.99), 2100 (£17.50), and 4200 (£35) batches.

It isn't yet clear whether players will be able to purchase Microsoft Gift Cards at a lower value than £10.

It also isn't yet known when the Gift Cards will be available to purchase in stores. Microsoft transitioned to real-world currency in its latest Xbox 360 update last month, but is continuing to sell Microsoft Points until Gift Cards become available.

Any Microsoft Points registered following the Xbox 360 update remain valid on the user's account for one year from their registration date. has contacted Microsoft for comment.