After a long streak of infamously poor performance in the Asian market, Microsoft have at last claimed a victory in that most elusive of markets, with the announcement that an impressive 15% of all Xbox owners in the territory have signed up to Xbox Live. This figure compares very favourably with the worldwide average of 12%, especially considering the console's rather miserable Asian performance since it's launch.

The Live service has so far been rolled out in seven coutries in the Asia Pacific region in the last six months - Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

These figures mean that almost 20% of worldwide adopters of the Live service now come from the Asian Market, and this is despite the still sub-par uptake of the elsewhere succesful console. Yolanda Chan, Microsoft's regional Xbox sales director for Asia Pacific has stated that the company hopes to reach 22% uptake by the end of the fiscal year.

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