Metroid Dread
by on Oct 28, 2021

Metroid Dread gets a free demo on Nintendo Switch in time for Halloween

Nintendo has announced a free demo is now available for Samus Aran’s latest spacefaring adventure, Metroid Dread.

You can download the demo right now via the Nintendo eShop and try out an early portion of the game. It’s available across all regions, and gives prospective players a taste of the series’ best selling entry in the UK.

We’d definitely recommend you pick it up, as we enjoyed the full game a lot ourselves. Josh said in his review “Veterans will swoon at the sight of Samus curling, like a woodlouse, into a ball and rumbling through tunnels deep; and they will relish a kick of the unfamiliar in the Phantom Cloak, which fogs her into a white shadow, the better to haunt a corner of the ceiling—away from the scowl of an E.M.M.I”.

If you’re not up to speed, Metroid Dread sees the galaxy’s favourite bounty hunter head to the planet ZDR. However, upon her arrival she’s attacked and left for dead by what seems to be a Chozo Warrior. Cue a high-octane blast through the planet, interrupted on occasion by the creeping dread of avoiding the deadly E.M.M.I. robots who can end Samus’ adventure very quickly.

The Metroid Dread demo is available now via the Nintendo eShop. Meanwhile the full game is also out now and is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.


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Metroid Dread

on Nintendo Switch

Release Date:

08 October 2021