Meta Quest Pro release date & how to pre order US / UK

Meta Quest Pro release date & how to pre order US / UK
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The Meta Quest Pro headset has now released! Pre orders are being shipped and local retailers will be stocking the device, so if you’re looking to grab one, have a look at our where to buy Meta Quest Pro page. Although it costs almost three times as much, the Meta Quest Pro launches at a competitive moment with the PSVR 2 launching in early January.

Meta Quest Pro – Buy and pre-order now:

When is the Meta Quest Pro release date?

The Meta Quest Pro is first available for purchase on 25th October – so, now.

When will I receive my Meta Quest Pro pre order?

If you’re pre ordered the Meta Quest Pro, you will likely receive your new augmented reality headset on the 26th October – the day after release.

Where’s the best place to purchase a Meta Quest Pro?

Similar to the PSVR 2, the Meta Quest Pro is released on most high-end tech retail websites. We do not guarantee that it will feature on all of these websites, but upon its release it’s definitely worth checking them all out.

Best Buy
Amazon UK

Purchase the Meta Quest Pro in the US

For both Best Buy and Amazon, the pre order process is fairly simple. You just need to add to your basket and checkout as normal. You should then receive the headset on the 26th.

Best Buy

Purchase the Meta Quest Pro in the UK

If you’re in the UK, pre orders are fairly similar, though you might have to wait a day or two until they’re delivered.

Amazon UK

How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost in the US & UK?

At Meta Connect 2022, we found out that the Project Cambria, or the Meta Quest Pro, will be priced at $1,499 in the US and £1,499 in the UK.

We had always anticipated the Meta Quest Pro to cost a premium price, though the thousand dollar increase from the Meta Quest 2 was certainly shocking.

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Expert’s view of the Meta Quest Pro

With the Meta Quest Pro released now, prospective buyers will be comparing it against competitors from brands such as the upcoming PSVR 2 and the venerable Valve Index.

Should you wait for the Meta Quest Pro?

This comparison is thrown into particularly sharp relief, due to the recent price bump of the Meta Quest 2, which was supposedly to help the continued investment into VR tech, but we think it’s just to bolster budget for the Zucc’s upcoming MetaVerse.

The price increase of the previous Meta headset, combined with the impressive potential specs of the Meta Quest Pro mean that in our opinion, it’s well worth waiting for, though you will have to surmount the $1,499 price mountain before you are there.

Additionally, the Meta Quest 2 is almost 2 years old at time of writing, and the speed at which technology progresses makers an aging device a tricky sell.

— Ben Atkins Chafer, Product Specialist at WePC.

Meta Quest Pro FAQs

When is the Meta Quest Pro release date?

The Meta Quest Pro releases on the 25th October.

When can you pre-order the Meta Quest Pro?

You can pre-order the Meta Quest Pro now, with your new headset expected to ship on the 25th/26th.

How much is the Meta Quest Pro?

The Meta Quest Pro costs $1500 in the US and £1500 in the UK.