Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam has denied rumours claiming that it pitched a new Metroid game to Nintendo last year.

Speaking to Eurogamer, co-founder Enric Alvarez labelled the rumours as "bullshit", adding that "people have a lot of imagination".

"I think this one grew from an interview we did when we were finalising [Castlevania: Lords of Shadow] Mirror of Fate," he said. "While doing an interview, somebody asked us about what other game we would like to do, and I think the Metroid thing came from that. Or it was about the Metroid influences in Mirror of Fate. The rest is pure invention."

Rumours of MercurySteam's alleged involvement with a new Metroid title appeared last summer, when Nintendo Life claimed that the developer had pitched a new first-person Wii U and 3DS Metroid to Nintendo.

"We have ascertained that work on a prototype for this unsolicited pitch was established earlier in [2015], and had a full game been green-lit, it was planned to be developed for both Wii U and 3DS," said the website. "It was being referred to internally as simply 'Metroid', and it has been described as a first person game set in a post apocalyptic sci-fi environment. In their demo, Samus was the main character - as you would expect - but was joined by seven other playable bounty hunters, as well. This is a similar set-up to that seen in the DS game, Metroid Prime: Hunters."

It later updated its story with a quote from an alleged developer that claimed to be aware of the project.

MercurySteam's last game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, launched on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC back in 2014. It is currently working on online adventure game Raiders of the Lost Planet for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Nintendo has yet to announce a major new Metroid title.


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