Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the original Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game has been recreated using new 3D character models, new environments, and gameplay features. To ensure veterans of the original title get a new challenge the game's levels have been modified with new item locations, map layouts and new challenges. As with previous Mega Man games, a stage select system allows players to take on levels in the order they wish, picking up new weapons on the way, which in turn can be used to unlock new paths in levels that had previously been completed.

On completion of the game a new story mode is unlocked where gamers play as Vile, X's arch rival. The game will also feature all-new cut scenes, complete with voice acting, prior to each Boss battle. Also included with the game is an animated movie providing players with the back story of events that took place prior to the plot line of the game. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is scheduled for release on PSP on February 24, 2006.