“Masters of the Universe: Revolution” – Latest News, Cast

“Masters of the Universe: Revolution” – Latest News, Cast
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“Masters of the Universe: Revolution” is the upcoming sequel to the critical and audience dividing “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” spearheaded by Writer/Director Kevin Smith.

“Revelation”, which marked the 2nd (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power being the first) of several Masters of the Universe TV and Movie collaborations between Netflix and Masters of the Universe parent company, Mattel, debuted in 2021 to a mixed response from viewers. As some viewers loved Smith and his writing team’s vision along with their actor’s interpretations of the iconic Eternian heroes and villains.

While many other viewers’ opinions ranged from dislike to hatred, with the core cause of this for many of these viewers being that they felt lied to and betrayed by Smith. Who had insisted repeatedly that “Revelation”, both parts of the series, would be a He-Man focused story.

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Now, whether you feel that this assertion by Smith is true or not, is not something that I will be discussing here. As I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this subject and I do not wish to alienate anyone reading this article by seemingly endorsing one opinion over the other, and I only raise it here now simply because this divide among viewers is so intrinsic to the release of “Revelation” in 2021 and any discussions regarding it that I would be remiss not to acknowledge it here.

With that said, please be aware that this article, from this point forward, will not be discussing this controversy any further, and will only be discussing “Revelation” in regards to story points/spoilers for the series as “Masters of The Universe: Revolution” is confirmed to take place following the events of Revelation’s finale.


“Masters of the Universe: Revolution” 1st Official Teaser Poster:

"Masters of the Universe: Revolution" 1st Official Teaser Poster
Credit: Netflix

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When does “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” Release?

No official release date has been revealed for the series yet. But, given that the preceding series, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” was released in July 2021. I would expect “Revolution” to be released in July 2023. As, not only would it mark 2 years between the release of the first season of “Revelation” and the release of “Revolution”. It would also allow time for production and post-production work on the series to be completed. In addition to allowing showrunner, Kevin Smith, to finish up his promotional touring for his latest movie, “Clerks III“.

Where can I watch “Masters of the Universe: Revolution”?

As the show is a Netflix Original, it is highly likely that, like “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” before it, it will be released exclusively worldwide on Netflix for Netflix subscribers.

What is the story of “Masters of the Universe: Revolution”?

The official announcement for the series included the following story log line:

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is an all-new story that brings the focus to He-Man vs. Skeletor like you’ve never seen them before. It’s technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to the Planet.”

Given the final scene of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” revealed that Motherboard, the deity that former warriors of Skeletor: Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw, and Whiplash, had been worshipping, was in fact an android of “The Evil Horde”, the faction of evil warriors led by iconic Masters of the Universe villain, Hordak.

There is a very high chance that Hordak and his Evil Horde represent both the “technology“, and the “deadly threat to the planet” mentioned in the initial log line for the series. Additionally, there is a good chance that, at least initially, Skeletor will be part of Hordak’s army on Eternia. As the final scene of Revelation wherein Motherboard was revealed as an Evil Horde android, also teased Skeletor being converted into a cyborg like his former warriors due to Motherboard infecting him with their nanites.

On the “heroic warriors” side, “Revelation” ended with Teela accepting and embracing her destiny as the new Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, and knowing and accepting Adam both as himself and as He-Man, before seemingly showing Adam and Teela, albeit subtly, acknowledging their true feelings for one another.

In addition, the finale saw Andra installed as the new Man at Arms of the Royal Palace of Eternos, along with King Randor and Queen Marlena being both aware of and accepting of Adam as He-Man, whereas previously, King Randor didn’t realise that his son and Grayskull’s Champion were one in the same.

Who stars in the series?

The initial press release for the series promises an all star voice cast. But, so far, no official announcements have been made regarding casting for the series. Although, based on social media posts from “Revelation” cast members and the events of the “Revelation” finale, it feels safe to assume that the following cast members will be returning:

Chris Wood returns as He-Man/Prince Adam

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns as Teela/The Sorceress

Liam Cunningham returns as Duncan

Stephen Root returns as Cringer/Battle Cat

Griffin Newman returns as Orko

Tiffany Smith returns as Andra/Man At Arms

Justin Long returns as Roboto

Diedrich Bader returns as King Randor and Trap-Jaw

Alicia Silverstone returns as Queen Marlena

Mark Hamill returns as Skeletor

Lena Headey returns as Evil-Lyn

Kevin Michael Richardson returns as Beast Man

Henry Rollins returns as Tri-Klops

Jason Mewes returns as Stinkor

Kevin Conroy returns as Mer-Man

William Shatner has also been announced to appear in the series in an, as yet undisclosed, role

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