Mario Golf: Super Rush update
Ben Borthwick by on Nov 25, 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush gets final free content update with Shy Guy and Wiggler

Nintendo has dropped what it says is its final free content update for Mario Golf: Super Rush on the Nintendo Switch.

The 4.0 update adds new characters, courses and even a couple of modes to our favourite red plumber’s latest fairway outing. First off is the addition of Wiggler, with the very angry caterpillar being a Power character. His special ability allows him to use his rage to increase ball flight distance and move faster in Speed Golf. Shy Guy, meanwhile, is an all-rounder. His Special Dash lets him use his Fly Guy chums to keep him in the air longer.  Both new characters’ special shots will blow other balls away from wherever their own balls land.

In the realm of new courses, we’ve got All-Star Summit which includes depictions of all your favourite Mario characters. There’s also brick blocks on the course that can be broken open to nab yourself coins. Then, the Shelltop Sanctuary is made entirely of short, par 3 holes.

Finally, there’s your two new modes in this Mario Golf: Super Rush update. Target Golf sees players take turns to shoot five balls at a target. Of course, the closer you get, the more you score. Then there’s One-On, One-Putt mode, a new Solo Score Challenge where you have to get the ball on the green in one shot, and putt to sink in the second.

Previous patches saw the addition of Ranked Mode and Toadette to the game. You can check out the full patch notes over here. The Mario Golf: Super Rush update is available to download now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.



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Mario Golf: Super Rush

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25 June 2021