Linerider coming to DS and Wii

James Orry Updated on by

First appearing on the internet on September 26, 2006, the game has attracted more than 15 million viewers, with over 11,000 videos of the game in action posted on YouTube. Linerider is about as simple as a game can get. Players can draw out a 2D level with hills, slopes, jumps and whatever else you can draw. Then press the play button and a man on a sledge is sent hurtling along in the user-created stage.

The game features some nifty physics and you will have to ensure you build your level so that the man on the sledge doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of a hill. There’s also the danger of crash landing after launching into the air at the top of a hill.

The Flash game is a fun time consumer, but there’s no goal as such. The DS and Wii versions will expand on the basic game, but how hasn’t been announced. A points system would seem an obvious addition, as would some form of objective-based mode.

Linerider for the DS and Wii is scheduled to ship in spring 2007 and you can try out the Flash game for yourself over on the game’s official website.