Hold back the tears, the final episode of Deck Nine's prequel teen angst adventure Life is Strange: Before the Storm is nearly upon us, and Square Enix has released the launch trailer to celebrate, along with revealing a release date of December 20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

It's the final episode of three, entitled Hell is Empty, and if the series finale of the original game is anything to go by then expect plenty of emotion, as Chloe and Amber's journey is set to wrap up and almost bring us back to the state of Arcadia Bay as it stands at the start of Life is Strange.

It's not quite the last we'll see of the series, as the bonus Farewell episode, which will see the return of Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle reprising their voice roles as Chloe and Max respectively, is set to release early next year for owners of the deluxe edition of the game. 

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