A leaked EA marketing survey relating to Mass Effect Andromeda may have shed some light on plot elements for the secretive sci-fi action RPG.

The survey opens with some blurb about the game before asking participants to rate how likely they are to buy it.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way, where players will lead the fight for a new home in hostile territory - where WE are the aliens - opposed by a deadly indigenous race bent on stopping us.

"Experience the freedom to traverse and explore a planet-dense but seamless open-world galaxy, rich with discovery. Play as the leader of a squad of military-trained explorers in an intense third-person shooter, with deep progression and customization systems.

"This is the story of humanity's next chapter, and player choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival in the Andromeda galaxy."

An earlier leak revealed Andromeda to be home to the Remnant and the Khet, rival races of good and evil, and it seems players will be invading their home galaxy.

Another survey slide adds:"There is a major battle brewing, and it awaits you. It is unfolding across a galaxy of planets, with creatures and species entirely unknown. Draw your weapon, because the fight is bigger than you thought. It's not just for your own life, it's for all of humanity - the ultimate battle for a place we can all call home."

It's sounding like a pretty interesting spin on the classic alien invasion storyline, and we hope to hear much more around E3 in June.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled for release in spring 2017.

Source: NeoGAF

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