Kotaku has received a full list of changes planned for the expected Spring Xbox 360 update, which although from a anonymous source and unconfirmed has revealed a few interesting nuggets of info.

If accurate, the spring update has confirmed the existence of an Xbox 360 motion controller. Among the list of updates hides this gem: "Calibration options for motion sensor devices."

The rumoured motion controller was expected to be shown at Microsoft's Spring Showcase, but info on the device is still to materialise.

Other interesting additions in the update include the ability to "store installation data on Storage Device for faster loading" and the option to buy an Xbox LIVE membership for charities. Interesting stuff, but probably best left as a rumour, especially given that Microsoft has already labelled it such.

"We don't comment on rumours or speculation, but what we can tell you is we've never seen this list before," an MS rep told Kotaku.