Leaked Red Dead Retribution poster is a fake

Leaked Red Dead Retribution poster is a fake
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If you’ve been on Twitter this morning, you’ve probably seen lots of people talking about a ‘leaked’ poster for Red Dead Retribution, an alleged sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

But it isn’t real. Obviously.

As highlighted by Trusted Reviews’ Jordan King, the image is actually from a fan project created a while ago, which included a mock up case, disc, map and promotional press kit for the fake game. There’s even some hay, too.

Red dead retribution

So yeah, Red Dead Retribution isn’t out on November 18. That isn’t a real poster. And if there is a sequel coming, that may not even be its real name.

In other news, a Red Dead Redemption remaster has once again been rumoured to be in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a possible showing at tomorrow’s PlayStation Meeting. The news comes from Korean website Gamefocus, although we haven’t been able to verify the report’s claims for ourselves.

Source: @KonaYMA6, gamefocus.co.kr