The demo is a moderate 130Mb and puts the player in the middle of a gruesome FPS adventure, where you play as a farmer named Jack who must battle to save his life from hordes of zombies that are roaming the streets. You can arm yourself with a variety of weapons, such as Sniper Rifles, Baseball Bats, M16s, axes and even the classic shovel (well known for its blows to the head and decapitations).

The final game should have 20 levels in environments such as cornfields and sewer tunnels, in which you can go about your task of killing all the nasty zombies that want to eat you.

The game also promises a unique co-op multiplayer mode where players can work with or against other humans who are hell bent on killing the zombie hoards. There will also be the normal deathmatch, capture the flag and invasion modes which take place over ten multiplayer maps. You can get the demo from FilePlanet. I just hope this turns out better than the film, which failed to live up to the rest of the series. The game is due out later this month on PC and Xbox.