We recently published a video regarding the issue of corporate responsibility in relation to companies hiring YouTube stars to promote their products or services. The original video was removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by KSIOlajidebt, but subsequently replaced with an alternative version that didn't make use of this channel's footage.

We have since submitted a counter-claim to have this copyright strike removed, citing both Fair Use under US law and Fair Dealing in the UK. We believe that the video - which was not monetised - was made with the purpose of educating people on a matter of public interest. We believe that the subsequent coverage and reactions to the piece fully support this.

As many of you will know, we originally planned to publish a follow-up piece today - detailing the events that followed our piece, and other developments that have since arisen.

This update is being postponed, for reasons we can't go into yet.

We're taking legal advice, we're confident of our position and we'll defend it strongly. We'll have a further update for you in due course.

One point which should be clarified immediately, however, is in regard to the comment I made at 2:45 saying that people who are rude to staff in restaurants should "probably be killed". While intended as nothing more than a flippant joke, we agree that such humour was a poor tonal fit for a serious video such as this, and are saddened to hear that a small percentage of viewers have misheard or misinterpreted this joke to be a direct threat aimed at KSI.

Thank you for your patience and support,

Matt Lees & the VideoGamer.com team

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