Konami started prepping PES for the next generation of consoles "three years ago", the series' marketing producer Manorito Hosoda has told VideoGamer.com.

Speaking today at a press event for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Hosoda said that Konami is keen to avoid the mistakes that typified PES' transition to the current gen.

"We would like to make a good start in transition to the next-gen consoles, not repeating the same failure from PS2 to PS3, generation," said Hosoda. "So we already started changing our philosophy and ways of developing the game three years ago."

The news follows quickly from senior producer Naoya Hatsumi's confirmation that next-gen PES will use Hideo Kojima's Fox Engine.

PES has undergone an overhaul to its core mechanics in recent entries. These changes look set to continue with PES 2013, with improved ball control, better player movement with ProActive AI and more realistic player behaviour with Player ID.

Our further impressions of PES' latest incarnation will be published later this week.

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