Koei's horse racing series was released on PS2 last year complete with an adapter to fit onto the dual analogue sticks, enabling you to feel more like you were in control of the horse. The immersion is about to get a whole lot more advanced later this year when the game is released for Wii.

The game will enable players to use the Wii Remote as a whip, with the Nunchuck used to steer and drive the horse. The game will also include a deep career mode where players can work their way from rookie status to horse racing legend.

"Throughout the history of this series we have tried to make G1 Jockey feel as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks to the Wii controllers we now have the opportunity to bring the effort and skill of this incredible sport to gamers like never before," said Naoki Katashima, Senior Vice President KOEI Europe.

G1 Jockey Wii is scheduled for release in the UK on June 29.