Kingdom Come: Deliverance serves up another huge update for PS4

Kingdom Come: Deliverance serves up another huge update for PS4
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Medieval simulator Kingdom Come: Deliverance has received another patch today for PS4, as developer Warhorse continues to staple-gun its ambitious title back together after a buggy launch.

Sadly it’s a bit of a whopper, with update 1.03 clocking in at around 16GB in size. According to the change log for the game (there’s no patch notes right now), the update tweaks various stealth-oriented elements in Kingdom Come, as well as implementing bug fixes and optimisations. Oh, and people now apparently get grubbier over time, too.

As previously reported, Kingdom Come: Deliverance received a massive day one patch that effectively doubled the size of the game. To its credit, Warhorse did attempt to explain the reason why the patch was so large, although it still left a bad taste in people’s mouths considering it’s taken four years for the game to arrive.  

Finally, Warhorse touched base on the ongoing issue with the R2 button, revealing its down to button sensitivity as opposed to software. 

‘Regarding the R2 issue – we are working on it, but it’s not [a] software issue.

‘If you facing this issue, then it seems your button lost some of its sensitivity. We will fix it asap by changing the input pressure value. But it’s interesting that it’s only this one button for everyone.’