Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a new update on Xbox One

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a new update on Xbox One
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Troubled realism simulator Kingdom Come: Deliverance has received a new update on Xbox One today courtesy of developer Warhorse Studios. 

Update 1.2 arrives on Microsoft’s telly box about a week after its PC and PS4 release, and will eat up 9.5GB on your console’s hard drive. It’s identical to the version seen on other formats, so expect tweaks to the game’s stealth mechanics, various bug fixes, optimisations, and townsfolk getting dirtier over time. 

Despite launching with a plethora of bugs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has managed to flog over one million copies worldwide in less than two weeks. Warhorse is working on more fixes to polish up the experience, so expect those to turn up soon enough.

Alice took the ambitious RPG through its paces recently, and came away less than impressed. It’s a shame too, as there’s a few interesting ideas buried underneath all the medieval muck.