Kid Icarus: Uprising, one of the first games to be shown off for Nintendo 3DS, will finally be released in the UK on March 23, Nintendo has announced.

In addition to being compatible with the Circle Pad Pro, offering an alternative control layout for left-handed players, Nintendo has confirmed that all copies of Uprising will ship with a 3DS stand.

"Kid Icarus: Uprising uses a control scheme designed to fit the game's unique blend of flight, shooting and melee combat, and offers tremendous precision, speed and depth that rewards dedicated players. The left hand uses the Circle Pad, while the right uses a stylus, both at the same time," explains Nintendo. "Every copy of the game will come with a free stand that holds the Nintendo 3DS at an angle above any flat surface, and provides players with a new kind of gaming experience."


We remain unconvinced by the bundled stand; why turn a mobile game into one played at a desk?

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