Jungles are now available in Minecraft, lead designer Jens Bergensten has revealed via Twitter.

The tall green trees are included as part of the week 3 2012 snapshot.

  • Ladders regained their collision box, and vines are climbable when they have a solid block behind them
  • Added jungle biome (requires a new world) with new tree and leaf types
  • Updated language files
  • Dispensers will place mobs instead of releasing the spawner egg
  • Zombies have new path-finding AI
  • Wolves have new AI and can be bred (when tame)

In a further Tweet, Bergensten revealed that Jon Kagstrom "wants to add jungle animals later, but they will not be included in today's snapshot". Hopefully this means we'll see animals such as Monekys and other exotic creatures.

Meanwhile, Mojang has revealed that 700,000 copies of Minecraft: Pocket have been sold.

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