by on Jul 1, 2020

Jump Rope Challenge records almost 600 million jumps since its launch

Jump Rope Challenge, the free exergame for the Switch, has registered more than 590,000,000 jumps from players since its launch (via Nintendo Life).

It might not be as physically demanding as Ring Fit Adventure, but it’s still a sweet game that helps players limber up and maintain their fitness levels while in lockdown. Developed by a handful of employees in Japan, Jump Rope Challenge is free to download from the eShop until the end of September.

“By using a pair of Joy-Con controllers and imagining them as the handles of a jump rope, players can virtually jump rope every day,” read the description supplied by the developer. “Two household members can jump in and play together to try to reach a high score, with each person holding one Joy-Con. With hopping bunnies as the characters, simple menus and no tutorials to jump through, it’s quick and easy to learn the ropes and get started.”

he game also has options for those who want to get active but their movement abilities may be limited. “For those who aren’t able to jump, or are worried about disturbing the downstairs neighbors, players can bend their knees or move their arms to play the game without creating any noise,” said Nintendo. 

The game was released in mid-June, and in the company’s recent general shareholders meeting Q&A, it was revealed that almost 600 million jumps have been recorded by Jump Rope Challenge. Crikey. Not quite enough to give Ring Fit Adventure a run for its money, but it’s a significant success for a free game with simple mechanics.

Jump Rope Challenge is available on the Nintendo eShop until September 2020. 


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