Quirky musical action series Rhythm Paradise is soon to return with 50 brand new games with the July 6 release of Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise on Wii, Nintendo has announced.

The series has previously appeared on DS and Game Boy Advance, though the latter was never seen outside of Japan.

From playing golf with mandrill to controlling a flowerpot-punching karate man, everything has to be done in time to the beat to win. Each of the 50 rhythm games has their own short story featuring the classic Rhythm Paradise humour.

In a European exclusive, fans will also be able to switch between the Japanese and English soundtracks covering many musical styles.

Some games can be played in co-op mode, meaning you can invite a friend to play with you - the more compatible you are, the higher your score. There's also Endless Dual Games, with the action becoming progressively harder the longer the dual lasts.

Well done Nintendo for continuing to support the Wii, but the console appears to be on its last legs, with software sales struggling. We can't see this having much impact on the charts come July.

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