Journey, the gorgeous adventure game released on PSN for PS3 earlier this year, is to receive an art book in September, developer thatgamecompany has announced.

"Designed and written by Matt Nava, art director on Journey, it provides an insider's view into the stylistic influences, narrative functions, and game design goals that shaped the final look of the game," explained the developer.

An art book is nice, but this one is different to most due to including augmented reality features. Thatgamecompany explains:

"By downloading a free companion app, readers will be able to point their smartphone or tablet's camera at special images and see animated 3D models appear straight from the game."

As well as artwork from the studio, the book will include a fan art section as a tribute to the game's fans. The Art of Journey book will also come with a voucher to download the game's soundtrack to your PS3.