Joker and Kasumi wrap up the Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thief trailers

Joker and Kasumi wrap up the Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thief trailers
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Phantom Thieves Joker and Kasumi are the latest characters to receive trailers for the revamped Persona 5 Royal, showing off new gameplay, cinematics, and story beats.

Persona 5 Royal is an expanded Persona 5, with an extra semester for the Phantom Thieves to explore a new location and new hangouts to the jazzy melodies of 20 new songs. Night-time will last longer now, and new battle mechanics with new Personas are headed to the game. School counsellor Takuto Maruki is the new Confidant with a new Arcana known as Le Consultant. And finally, a new party member will debut by the name of Kasumi Yoshizawa, who received another trailer today. 

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a fellow student, and she wasn’t a fan of the Phantom Thieves approach to solving crime around the city. Kasumi has since changed her stripes, and takes on the Persona of Cendrillon (or Cinderella). She seems to be an irreverent character, good with a sword, and is friendly and excitable with Joker.

Joker’s trailer shows that we may look forward to comedically unfortunate events in the new Persona game. Kasumi seems bemused by his funky dance moves, he manages to hit himself in the face with a snooker ball, and the twins Caroline and Justine initiate a personal fitness regime for our hero.

Persona 5 Royal will release on October 31 for Japan, and in 2020 for the U.S. and the UK. Watch Joker’s and Kasumi’s character trailer below.