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Ben Borthwick by on Dec 3, 2021

It Takes Two studio forced to abandon the game’s name ownership after a claim by Take Two

Developer Hazelight has been forced to abandon the trademark for co-op adventure It Takes Two thanks to a claim by Take Two.

As per Eurogamer, the trademark claim was made by the Grand Theft Auto parent company soon after the launch of It Takes Two. As a result, Hazelight had to abandon ownership of the name. EG asked Hazelight for a statement, but it could only say that the team “cannot comment on ongoing disputes”. It did say, however, that it was “hopeful it will be resolved.”

Take Two have not addressed the matter at the time of writing. As Eurogamer also note, the publisher has been making a number of filings to the US Patent Office. These have been words and phrases related to its games and studios such as “Rockstar” “social club” and “mafia” amongst others. This has even included a Florida based axe-throwing company called ‘Rockstar Axe Throwing’ who are contesting the ruling.

It Takes Two has been pretty successful for Hazelight, having celebrated three million copies as of October this year. It’d be a shame not to get a follow-up, but it may have to go under a different title. The game is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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It Takes Two

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It Takes Two

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31 December 2020