A tweet from BioWare has revealed a second hint as to what the studio's new game will be.

The message contained a barcode, itself holding a binary message which translated reads "55.845".

A little bit of research tells us that this figure represents the element's standard atomic weight or relative atomic mass of Iron.

Too much of a jump to go from relative atomic mass to Mass Effect? Iron is also the most common element in the whole of planet Earth, suggesting the game could be a prequel set on our home planet.

Earlier today the first image of the studio's new game was released alongside a brief glimpse of the title in video form. The game will be unveiled at the VGAs on December 11.

UPDATE: A second tweet from BioWare, another 2D binary image, relays the number -128.5. After yet more research, we've worked out that this figure is the coldest recorded temperature on Earth.

Could a Mass Effect prequel set on Earth be in the works?

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