Compare The Market has teamed up with Warner to promote the imminent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie by offering limited edition Aleksandr as Batman or Sergei as Superman toys.

For a limited time customers taking out an insurance policy though the comparison site will receive a toy of their choice plus the Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer.

Check out the descriptions of the two limited edition Meerkats below:

"Batman is genius billionaire who live in huge mansion with butler. It seem like he was inspire by the life of me, Aleksandr Orlov. I find the black cape really accentuate my figure. The only downside is the mask cover some of my handsomes face."

"The superhero that wear glasses. It seem Superman is perfect match for Sergei. Except Sergei have extreme fear of heights, the upperbody strength of meerpup and his kryptonite is a weakness for cockroach cookies."

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