Is MLB The Show 23 Worth It?

Is MLB The Show 23 Worth It?
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With the way prices are constantly rising, you should always put a little thought into what you are purchasing. Of course, so many video games seem always to release when you want to start saving money.

With annual releases like MLB The Show 23, there will always be questions about whether the purchase is worth your money. These are fully-priced games that are very similar to the previous release, after all.

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Taking into consideration various factors, is MLB The Show 23 worth your time and money?

Should you buy MLB The Show 23?

Like any other video game release, whether or not MLB The Show 23 would be worth it to you depends on your situation. For example, if you are a long-time player of the series and put hundreds of hours into every annual release, MLB The Show 23 should be a day-one purchase for you. That being said, if you only play a game or two and then don’t touch it for weeks, you likely will want to wait for a sale.

Of course, there are other circumstances that can factor into whether or not MLB The Show 23 is worth it to you. If you play on Xbox and have a Game Pass subscription, there should be nothing holding you back from downloading and playing the game. It is included with your subscription when the game becomes available.

With the above being said, this is an annual sports release. For some people, MLB The Show 23 might feel like a quick roster update that forces you to spend a lot of money on it. Also, not all of the changes to Diamond Dynasty have been positively received by fans. While that is the case, your personal financial and time investment situation should decide whether you buy and play MLB The Show 23.