Is Fortnite Reload a permanent mode or an LTM?

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Fortnite Reload was an unexpected surprise from Epic Games, with the developer announcing it just hours before the 30.20 update went live. This new mini Battle Royale takes players back to a reimagined Chapter 1 map and it has so far been a huge hit with players, with more than a million concurrent players checking it out. But, is Fortnite Reload a permanent mode or is it an LTM that will leave the game soon?

Fortnite OG reloaded map
Image via Epic Games

Based on everything we have seen so far, Fortnite Reload looks to be a permanent mode as Epic Games gave no end date for the mode nor has tagged it an LTM as we’ve seen with modes such as 50v50, Food Fight, and Floor Is Lava. I hope one day we will see more LTMs be rotated into the game, they were so much fun back in Chapter 1.

The new map also has the codename ‘Iteration’ which is the same name given to the first Fortnite OG map from 2023, signaling that we can expect to see the map evolve over time, which could include being based on future seasons or even other Chapters. Some Mythic and Exotic weapons from Chapters 2 and 3 will be coming to Fortnite Reload, so we could see iconic POIs such as The Agency and The Shark appear too. It will be interesting to see how Epic Games handles this mode.

In addition to the new Fortnite Reload mode, the 30.20 update is packed full of content, including a Metallica live event that will see players experience many of the metal icon’s most popular songs. A new Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration is also set to launch on July 19th.

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