Hitman developer IO Interactive has responded to leaked footage of the game appearing online this weekend, claiming that the clip isn't representative of the final product.

The footage is believed to have been taken from a closed alpha test currently available to a small group of players, and features an early work-in-progress version of the game's Fashionable Paris map. It has since been taken offline, although several shorter videos and screenshots are still available to view on Hitman Forum.

"The game looks and plays a lot better than most of what you're seeing out there today," IO community manager Travis Barbour posted on Twitter. "Proof to come, of course."

IO revealed Hitman at E3, confirming that it would begin rolling out digitally this December. The game will initially launch with a restricted amount of content, with further content set to be added for free throughout 2016.

IO has yet to detail how much content will be available on day one but promises that the initial release will be "a big game". A physical release will follow once each piece of content has launched.

Source: @IO_Travis, hitmanforum.com

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