Following an impressive augmented reality presentation at gamescom last month which featured both EyePet and Invizimals, had the chance to fire some tough questions at Invizimals lead designer Daniel Sanchez-Crespo of developer Novarama.

Invizimals is a monster collecting game, in which the player can collect over 100 fantasy monsters and take their captured monsters into battle against other monsters. The twist is that the game uses the PSP's camera to bring the monster hunting into the player's world through augmented reality. Do you see Invizimals as Sony's answer to Pokemon?

Daniel Sanchez-Crespo: No. That's a very good question. Before Pokemon came over, when I was a kid we used to collect cards at school. People used to go on Safaris to take pictures of animals. My mum, she collects Champagne bottle lids. We are tapping into very basic instincts. If you tell me that Pokemon and us went to the same school, yeah, but it's not like we've been seeking inspiration from each other. With Invizimals it's way more about what's unique in our game to what's similar to Pokemon.

We have reinvented the way we capture creatures. We have a mythology which is self sustained. Obviously there is some coincidences with Pokemon sure, with Mario and with Pac-Man and with everything. So for me, working in the games industry, means there is huge constellation of games and we all look at each other to see what each other is doing. Do you think the game could be as successful as Pokemon?

Daniel Sanchez-Crespo: Yeah, why not.

Being as successful as Pokemon would take something pretty special. Do you think Invizimals has what it takes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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