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Interactive thriller 12 Minutes adds James McAvoy, Willem Dafoe, and Daisy Ridley to its cast

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James McAvoy, Willem Dafoe, and Daisy Ridley will lend their vocal talents to the interactive thriller, 12 Minutes, from developer Luis Antonio and  publisher Annapurna Interactive.

In the game, a man and a woman settle down for a romantic evening, before an intruder breaks into their home. In a violent altercation, the man is knocked out by the intruder, only to awaken at the start of the evening. He’s stuck in a time loop of the same twelve minutes, and he must use the knowledge he gains to change what happens and stop the loop. The man is voiced by James McAvoy, the woman is voiced by Daisy Ridley, and the intruder is voiced by Willem Dafoe. 

12 Minutes is a fresh take on the thriller genre, where players are asked to take part in a compelling story centered around a shocking crime which they must help solve,” read the description from the developer. “The game subverts the ideas of what play should feel like and will present players with a truly unique experience.”

12 Minutes is coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Watch the new trailer below. 


12 Minutes

on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
12 Minutes

Time loop drama

Release Date:

19 August 2021