Intel i9-13900K release date, price, specs, where to buy

Intel i9-13900K release date, price, specs, where to buy
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*UPDATE* The Intel i9-13900K has now released and we’re seeing small amounts of stock – stay up to date with this page as we’ll be updating with the latest stores stocking Intel CPUs.

With the release of the Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs on the 20th October, customers may be wondering where to buy the Intel 13900k and how much it costs.

The Intel i9-13900K is the most powerful CPU in the new Raptor Lake range, with the i9-13900KF matching its power though not having the same unlocked capabilities.

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Where to buy Intel i9-13900K


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Intel i9-13900K release date and time

The Intel i9-13900K is predicted to release on 2PM BST / 9AM EDT / 6AM PST / 3PM CEST / 8AM CDT on 20th October.

If you’re hoping to grab Intel’s flagship Raptor Lake CPU, you’ll have to be quick as pre-orders have already begun filling up. We don’t anticipate a release as heavily contested as the release of the RTX 4090, though we’re still preparing to see stocks deplete within the first couple of hours of release.

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Intel i9-13900K price

The Intel i9-13900K costs the following in their respective regions:

These prices are the same as last year’s Alder Lake CPUs, which is a kind gesture from Intel. Pre-orders have now sold out from most retailers, so we expect the release to be competitive. We have our fingers crossed that we don’t see these prices unfairly gouged by scalpers, though don’t expect that to be a problem with this release.

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Intel i9-13900K review, benchmark, and specs

Here’s what we know from the i9-13900K specs published on Intel’s website.

Max Frequency (GHz)Base Frequency (GHz)Processor CoresThreadsIntel Cache Smart Size (MB)Cache (MB)
i9K & i9KF5.8324323632

We’re seeing a huge improvement on the Intel i9-12900K, which saw a max clock speed of 5.2Ghz, a base clock speed of 3.2Ghz, 16 cores, 24 threads, 30MB of Intel Smart Cache and only 14MB of L2 Cache.

Overall, these are significant improvements and we’re going to be able to see that through benchmarks and performance testing.

Credit: Jack Howarth of WePC

Our tech specialist Jack Howarth from our sibling site WePC managed to get his hands on an i9-13900K and put it through some rigorous benchmarks and performance tests. Above are his gaming performance results for the i9-13900K against its most muscular competitor the AMD Ryzen 9 7900K.

Here’s what Jack thinks:

The 13900K stands up for itself with confidence, and when asked to perform alongside a MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 3080, it stands out.

In Cyberpunk 2077, we’re seeing an average frame-rate of 185fps at 1080p on lowest settings. This higher than the 7900K which only musters 174fps.

Elden Ring sees a very similar performance advantage over the 7900K – 175fps vs 157fps. The much increased clock speed of the 13900K certainly helps out.

Strangely, the Ryzen 7 7900X comes out on top with in CS:GO, which gives you a great tactical advantage in competitive e-sport games.

Intel i9-13900K FAQs

What’s the difference between the 13900K and 13900KF?

The difference is the unlockable capabilities of the 13900K meaning that it can be overclocked to an even higher clock speed than the 13900KF.

What’s better the 13900K or the Ryzen 9 7950X?

We think that the 13900K is the better option between the two simply for the fact that it has a slightly higher clock speed and 1.5x the amount of cores.

Why should I upgrade to the 13900K and not the 12900K?

If you’re interested in the 13900K as your next CPU, it’s probably because of the near 6GHz clock speed reachable only by this CPU. For that reason alone it’s a worthy upgrade.