A five year old boy racked up a bill of £1,700 after making 19 £69.99 in-app purchases whilst playing iOS title Zombies Vs Ninjas, reports news agency SWNS.

The culprit, five-year-old Danny Kitchen, made the purchases after his father Greg gave him his all access passcode to the iPad. In just 10 minutes Danny had made the 19 purchases - each granting 90,000 in-game darts or 333 in-game bombs.

The parents were caught out by the free-to-play nature of the game, unaware that potentially costly in-game items were available to purchase.

Although the family appeared to have been initially refused a refund by Apple, since the story made the press a full refund has been issued.

A statement from Apple to Danny Danny Kitchen said: "An in-app purchase contains content or services from within an application that you have already purchased.

"Those are paid enhancements available in-game. Things like weapons, items, extra lives and other enhancements are types of in-game purchase which often fall into this category and in some cases are unintentionally purchased.

"In this case, as the purchases were clearly unintentional, we are pleased to be able to offer you a full refund."

Via Eurogamer