Immortals of Aveum trailer shows off visually stunning combat that’ll blow you away

Immortals of Aveum trailer shows off visually stunning combat that’ll blow you away
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EA and Ascendant Studios have now released a new Immortals of Aveum gameplay trailer during the Summer Game Fest 2023 showcase. The entirety of the short clip displayed plenty of the fantasy title’s exciting magic-based FPS combat, giving fans an idea of what’s in store once the game drops in a handful of weeks.

Of course, with the Immortals of Aveum release date closer than ever, it makes sense that EA is beginning to ramp up their marketing efforts for their single-player fiction entry. Following the launch of its announcement trailer during The Game Awards 2022, this latest clip gives us an even better look at the deadly spells you can cast and the equally threatening enemies you’ll encounter during your journey through Aveum.

Naturally, the game’s protagonist named Jak was heavily featured in the snippet as you’ll be playing the game from his point of view. The wide array of basic and complex spells he can cast from both hands was also exhibited and its initial structure and appearance, though eerily similar to Forspoken, has plenty of unique attributes that should make every battle you go through a blast.

You’ll be able to mix and match between each three magic category, which should leave plenty for you to discover through what’s reportedly going to be a 25-30 hour campaign. A few quick looks at the story were also periodically shown during the course of the preview as well and it gave viewers a sneak peek into the game’s war-torn landscape that you’ll need to navigate in order to stop the Everwar and save the planet.

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