id Software creative director Tim Willits has said he would be "shocked" if hardcore fans of the company didn't like RAGE, its first new game since 2004's DOOM 3, and that gamers are suffering from "modern combat fatigue" at the moment.

Willits did admit that some fans of id's former glories were worried about some of the things RAGE is attempting. "There are some people that are nervous about this whole driving thing," he said, "they're like 'give me a shotgun, and a corridor, and let me go.'"

"But I would be shocked if a hardcore id fan did not enjoy the game. I would be shocked," Willits added.

Why's that, Tim? "I think that they will find that it's a refreshing change from anything we've done in the past, and honestly I think that people have modern combat fatigue."

"That's why everything you pick up in RAGE you get to carry - if I had to drop a weapon to pick another weapon up... it drives me nuts!"

Willits isn't particularly worried about people not understanding the game, either. "I believe that people who have faith in id will pick the game up right away. And they'll tell their friends how much fun it was. I think that it'll review well, and I think that it will build - it's not the easiest game to explain, but it does have a certain element to it. It's really the sum of its parts."

I tried explaining the opening two hours of id Software's latest title in my RAGE preview.

RAGE will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 7.


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