Conker's Bad Fur Day's lead designer doesn't believe there will ever be a game like it again, and that even if a sequel were to be made, the original team wouldn't be the right people to make it.

Speaking in a 'Making of' documentary featured on last week's Xbox One compilation Rare Replay, Chris Seavor explained that he was "shocked at some of the stuff" included in the original game after returning to it fairly recently.

Conker sunflower

"I probably would change some of the stuff now," he said. "The obvious one is the sunflower. That whole sequence is like, nope. I couldn't do that again.

"If it was made now and if it was the same team it wouldn't... I don't think we'd do a game that people would want because they'd want the original Conker but again," he continued. "But we're not the people to make that game, ironically, because we've changed. My tastes have changed and I've moved on.

"You'd have a hard time getting it made now so the only way for anyone to play it is to play the original because I don't think there's going to be anything like it again."

Conker's Bad Fur Day first released on Nintendo 64 in 2001 before being remade for the original Xbox four years later. The original N64 game is one of the 30 titles included in Rare Replay.

Back in March, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed that a sequel to Bad a Fur Day was not in development, but didn't rule out the idea of a new game appearing in future. 

"We didn't say never," he said, "it's just not being worked on right now by Rare or any other studio."

The first episode of Conker's Big Reunion, a low-budget sequel-of-sorts created using Microsoft's Project Spark, released on Xbox One in April. A release date for the next episode has yet to be announced.

Source: Rare Replay

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