How To Check KD in MW2 – Explained

How To Check KD in MW2 – Explained
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Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) has been out for a few months now, with millions blasting their way through the plethora of in-game modes and more in pursuit of those amazing Mastery Camos.

Of course, you’ll want to know exactly how well you’re doing during firefights, and you can find that out by checking you KD ratio or Kill-to-Death ratio.

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KD ratio relates to how often you die compared to how many enemies you kill. A great KD ratio is around 2:00 – meaning you have downed twice as many enemies as you have been killed. For most causal players, aim for a KD of around 1:00.

Anything less than that and you have had a difficult match, and you may want to make the most out of our loadout guides (check out this Tempus Torrent one for size)!

How To Check KD in MW2

One way to check your KD in Modern Warfare 2 is at the end of the match – or by pressing the touchpad on PlayStation, Tab on PC, or the menu button on Xbox while you’re in a game.

Note, this just relates to your KD in that particular match, not your overall combat record.

However, to check your overall KD, players need to complete the following steps down below:

  1. Visit The Multiplayer Menu Screen
  2. Select Options on PlayStation, Menu on Xbox, or the applicable key for other platforms
  3. Select the ‘Stats‘ option

Once you select the ‘Stats’ page, it will load up your KD ratio that you have mustered so far in MW2. A whole lot of updates have transpired with the arrival of Season 1. So be sure to check back here for any updates or news on MW2.

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MW2 How To Check KD – FAQ

What is a good KD in MW2?

Anything above 1.00 is considered good. But ideally you want to be shooting for around 2:00.

Is there Barracks in MW2?

Not that we can see at the moment, but it’s likely this will be added in a Modern Warfare 2 update.

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