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How Many Episodes Will Bad Batch Season 2 Have?

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The popular animated Star Wars spin-off, The Bad Batch, is set to return soon, promising more adventures with the titular Bad Batch, or, Clone Force 99 as you can also call them. With fans worldwide wondering, how many episodes will Bad Batch season 2 have?

Just how many episodes are in The Bad Batch season 2?

As with the first season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the second season will contain a total of 16 episodes that are set to be aired weekly and exclusively on Disney+.

The second season begins with the release of the premiere two episodes on 04th January 2023, and then finishes with the two episode season finale on 29th March 2023.

In addition, ahead of the second season’s debut, Lucasfilm have released the episode titles below for all 16 episodes:

Season 2 x Episode 1 – Spoils of War

Season 2 x Episode 2 – Ruins of War

Season 2 x Episode 3 – The Solitary Clone

Season 2 x Episode 4 – Faster

Season 2 x Episode 5 – Entombed

Season 2 x Episode 6 – Tribe

Season 2 x Episode 7 – The Clone Conspiracy

Season 2 x Episode 8 – Truth and Consequences

Season 2 x Episode 9 – The Crossing

Season 2 x Episode 10 – Retrieval

Season 2 x Episode 11 – Metamorphosis

Season 2 x Episode 12 – The Outpost

Season 2 x Episode 13 – Pabu

Season 2 x Episode 14 – Tipping Point

Season 2 x Episode 15 – The Summit

Season 2 x Episode 16 – Plan 99

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How many episodes will Bad Batch season 2 have FAQ

Will there be an episode 17 of bad batch?

Technically, episode 17 of The Bad Batch is Episode 1 of Season 2. As each season of The Bad Batch is divided up into 16 episodes.

How old is Omega in bad batch?

No official age has been given yet for Omega. But, given that she is a clone who ages naturally (similar to Boba Fett), it’s believed that Omega is around 12 to 15 years old at the time of The Bad Batch.