The first screenshots of The Last of Us Remastered seem to have appeared online, offering fans the opportunity to compare how the game looks on PS4 with the original PS3 version.

While the screenshots have yet to be officially released by Sony, they were spotted on a Korean website alongside what appears to be a SCE Korea press release. A further shot allegedly of the PS4 version was also uncovered on NeoGAF.

Posting on GAF, Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer appeared to suggest that the screenshots were legitimate, stating:

"I think those screens were from the batch we sent for a print only feature in Japan. They may have been accidentally distributed. We'll see what happened, but regardless enjoy!"

One of the screenshots (below) matches an almost identical screenshot released previously by Sony for the PS3 version, and offers a good indication of what to expect from the PS4 remaster. And while it's hard to see the differences at first, closer inspection reveals slight improvements to both character models, particularly Ellie's hair.

Take a look below for a comparison or click each image to see them in a higher resolution.



The Last of Us Remastered launches in the UK on August 1.

Source: (via NeoGAF)