The Hotline Miami 2 level editor will launch in beta form via Steam on December 10, Dennaton Games has announced.

"The testing period for the Hotline Miami 2 level editor with Testronic is over and we are very happy with the results!" explains the Dennaton Blog. "There were tons of bugs found and fixed so the core of the editor feels very stable now. While the cut-scene creator and campaign editor still have some nasty bugs, Jonatan and Abstraction are going to take care of them soon and get those features all smoothed out as well."

The beta will be available on Steam and Windows only, with support for Mac and Linux at a later date. The editor will not support PS3, PS4 or Vita.

Everyone will be able to access the beta, with no invites required, but take note that there's no guarantee levels created in the beta will carry over to the final release.

The plan is to run the beta until early January, with the final release coming shortly after.

Source: Dennation Blog

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