David Scammell by on Mar 10, 2015

Hotline Miami 3 teased in Hotline Miami 2

VideoGamer.com has discovered a teaser for Hotline Miami 3 in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Want to keep the game’s ending completely spoiler-free? Don’t read any further.

A fake main menu for the unannounced sequel appears following the game’s conclusion (pictured below), complete with prompts to start a new game, continue, select options or quit. None of the options are selectable, however.

To see the tease, you’ll need to wait for the game’s credits to finish rolling twice before the game fades to black. Around 90 seconds later, a VHS tracking effect appears revealing the hidden menu for Hotline Miami 3. After a short while, the game returns to Hotline Miami 2’s main menu.

Dennaton has previously said that it has “no desire to make a Hotline Miami 3,” making today’s tease particularly intriguing.

Nevertheless, we contacted Devolver’s PR company about the possibility of a third game, who told us that the tease was “open to interpretation” and that players would soon be able to continue the story by creating their own levels in the upcoming level editor.

Hotline Miami 2 launches on PC today with a PS4, PS3 and PS Vita release following on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow. Want to know what we thought of it? Head through here to read our review.


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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

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