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Horizon Zero Dawn is the ‘most ambitious project that Guerrilla Games has ever taken on’

In a┬ánew PlayStation Blog video series Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and co-founder of Guerrilla, has called Horizon Zero Dawn ‘The single most ambitious project that Guerrilla Games has ever taken on.’

The videos, a three part behind-the-scenes series, talk about some of the challenges that Guerrilla Games faced in transitioning from the Killzone first person shooter series to an open world RPG like Horizon Zero Dawn.

According to Hulst it has been ‘A huge undertaking’ for the studio, who had to hire entire new teams of writers and quest designers to work on the game. One of the tasks was breaking down the overarching plot of Horizon Zero dawn into quests for the player.

The third video in the series also refers to Horizon’s protagonist Aloy as ‘a PlayStation Icon’, and says it took years to get Aloy to the point she’s at now. Guerrilla and PlayStation obviously both have high hopes for the game, which has been in development in one form or another since 2010.

You can watch the first of the three videos here. All three are already live on YouTube.

Horizon Zero Dawn is out on PlayStation 4 on March 1 (NA release date February 28)

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