Hitman has vanished from the European PlayStation Store.

The upcoming stealth game had previously been available to pre-order digitally from the online store, but disappeared across Europe yesterday. It still seems to be available to purchase from the US Store.

Furthermore, accessing the link to its previous European page (which is still listed on the Hitman website) now simply returns an error.

It isn't yet clear whether the game has been intentionally pulled or if its removal is in error, but an update from Sony's online support team states that "the pre-order is currently in the process of being revised and will be available on the store soon".

The game is still available to pre-order digitally on Steam, but has never been available to pre-order on Xbox One. PS4 customers who have previously pre-ordered Hitman still appear to have their orders in tact.

Pre-ordering the PS4 version of Hitman grants players guaranteed access to the game's upcoming beta, which is due to start exclusively on PS4 and PC in early February. The game, meanwhile, is expected to release across PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 11.

The game will initially ship with just three locations, with additional content rolling out in the three months following release. A disc release will follow once every piece of content has launched.

Source: store.playstation.com, community.eu.playstation.com

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