Square Enix has raised the digital pre-order price of Hitman to £44.99 on PS4. The game had previously been available to pre-order from PlayStation Store for £39.99.

The game is also available to pre-order on Steam for £39.99, although has yet to be listed on Xbox One.

While price changes happen fairly regularly at retail, it's rare for a digital price to increase months after the game is made available to pre-order. And in Hitman's case, the price change could be significant.

Hitman will only be available digitally on PS4, Xbox One and PC at launch - and with only a limited amount of content on day one - with a physical disc release set to follow in 2016 once every piece of campaign content has been released.

All add-on content will be released for free, with no microtransactions or premium DLC planned. A full list of Hitman's day one content is expected to be announced "very soon".

Source: store.playstation.com (via neogaf.com)

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