Hitman's second episode 'Sapienza' will release on Tuesday, April 26, IO Interactive has announced.

The episode will be available at no additional cost to owners of Hitman: The Full Experience, or as a £7.99 download to owners of the first episode. Intro Pack owners can also pay £36.99 to upgrade to the full season.

Sapienza takes players to an Italian coastal town and introduces a brand new mission featuring a new target, Silvio Caruso. Burns was given a go on it earlier this month, and described it as a "nice change of pace from Paris".

"So far, Sapienza looks great and plays well," he said. "The layout of the town works with the Secret Puzzle Game nature of Hitman, and that the target exists in a setting which Tom Ripley would find agreeable only adds to the deliciousness of the hits. It's a nice counterpart to the dusk-set, interiors-dominated Paris map, so much so that you you'll be far more naturally inclined - and less likely to be stopped and told to go the other way - to seek out opportunities without having your hand held."

Five further episodes are due to arrive by the end of summer.

Source: @Hitman

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