Hitman Absolution had a huge presence at this year's E3, but fans of the series were left slightly concerned about the new direction the game is taking.

"We're used to playing Hitman like professionals - going unnoticed, and making our hits look like accidents - but at times the Absolution demo felt worryingly close to The Bourne Identity." said Neon in his Hitman Absolution preview. This is a sentiment echoed in gaming communities across the web.

IO Interactive is keen to address these concerns.

"Most of the classic mechanics from the old games are back with a vengeance in addition to many new game mechanics, abilities and traits." Tore Blystad, Hitman's game director, reassured NowGamer.

"Absolution is a huge and diverse game, being on the run is only one part of it," explained Blystad. "There are sections of the game that are closer to the classical Hitman fantasy, other places we mix it up to surprise and entertain the player.

"A core value for any Hitman game is freedom of choice and we believe we are going beyond anything we have done in the past. There will be more replayability and features in Absolution than in any Hitman game ever."

He concluded: "The content team is still dreaming up new ways of killing people and getting away with it (to the frustration of the producers) but the Hitman games thrives on diversity and being so focused on giving the player a large toolbox is central to us."

Whether this is enough to soothe the worries of the series' staunch supporters remains to be seen, however. Hitman: Absolution will be released in 2012.


Neon was particularly worried about the bald headed assassin, how does he feel about the fact 'most of the core mechanics are back with a vengeance'?

"I'm not down on it, but I'm part of the group that is concerned. It looks like a great game, not necessarily a Hitman game. We need to see more of it. You'd be foolish to make too many judgements at this stage."

There you have it.

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