Hitman III: Freelancer
Josh Wise by on May 5, 2022

Hitman III Freelancer mode has been delayed

IO Interactive has announced the delay of the upcoming Freelancer mode, for Hitman III.

Freelancer mode will, apparently entail Agent 47 embarking on a series of Roguelike missions. A blog post from IO reads:

“We see Hitman 3: Freelancer as the next evolution of Hitman and an entirely new way to engage with the world and characters that we’ve built into the World of Assassination over the last seven years.”

“In short, this mode is quite expansive and involving. It’s built for players that want to dive deeper into what a Hitman game can be and for that reason, we’ve decided to give it more time.”

“The truth is that it’s a luxurious decision for us to make. Hitman 3 has been a success and with that, we’re able to give our team that extra time to tighten the bolts and make sure that the mode is as close to our ambitions as possible. We want it to land well and be a platform for Hitman players to enjoy this game world for a long period of time.”

Hitman III was a bracing send off for Agent 47. It concluded the IO’s World of Assassination trilogy in high style. Only, I felt that, for all its newfound glamour, the series could do with returning to its downbeat roots. Granted, IO is doing a Bond game. But did it have to make Agent 47 a superspy hero, rather than, well, a hitman?


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